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Souk Al Marfa

Souk Al Marfa Market in Dubai… the Antiquity of the past in a modern style

It is characterized by its location near the Dubai seaports, and contains a group of many markets, including the Murshid Market, Naif Market, Al Sabkha Market and Al Kabeer Market

Unique please for business

Souk Al Marfa is Unique in the region which is in great view of sea & Treditional style all this in the palm of deira. Souk Al Marfa has many shops & kioske and mostly in different sizes

near on Ship and sea

Next amazing point for Souk Al Marfa is next to see where the ships can stop there and import anything same time That will make easy import & export and growth faster for investors.

Souk Al Marfa is air AC

Will be cooled by AC in the traditional style to bring and all business from retails, wholesales, fashion, Carpe, cultural Shops and Services & much more you will see in Souk Al Marfa.

It’s construction dates back to 1850, and in the midst of these markets, merchants meet in their commercial transactions of buying, selling, and re-exporting, as buyers from all over the country, and even from neighboring countries, visit it due to the diversity of its markets in goods and their competitive prices.

In this vital area, it was recently announced the launch oh Souk Al Marfa in the “Deira Islands”, to constitute a new addition to the nobility of past with a modern character, characterized by all modern trade methods as the project came as a result of cooperation between “Nakheel mall” the sales arm Retail for Nakheel and DP world.

The Souk Al Marfa Market is an integrated Market and commercial center located on the waterfront, and provides affordable growth opportunities for merchants, with the possibility of arranging direct shipping opportunities for wooden ships.

Actually Dubai is the third largest re-export center in the world. And it’s famous for re-exporting goods and products to the Gulf cooperation council, Africa, and other multiple foreign trade amounted to 1.4 trillion dirhams in 2019, of which about 560 billion was spent on re-export trade. It shows that re-export is one of the most important commercial sources in Dubai.

It also Provides a distinct opportunity, opens wide doors for internal investments and increases trade between neighboring countries.

The partnership between DP World and Nakheel Malls aims to enhance and diversify the regional trade flow, by transforming the oldest and largest commercial center. Traditional in the Dubai Deira district, to a modern retail souk.

The market is divided into four parts. The first part contains 2,500 shops, including restaurants and small shops, which are provided to all merchants at a low cost. Nakheel malls seeks to attract all merchants of different levels, such as owners of small and medium enterprise, where they can join the market. Or even seasoned traders in the market and trade.

Souk AL Marfa The Best Logistic location for import & Export

The most important of feature of Souk Al Marfa is its location in the Deira souks areas, as it occupies a strategic location on the Deira Island, and extends for 1.9 located near port Rashid, Hamriyah port and Deira Marina.

The Dubai ports will be the main partner of Nakheel Malls, to develop the existing waterfront, and turn it into berths for wooden ships, where goods are exported by merchants in the market, both wholesale and retail.

Encourage Investment trouth Souk Al Marfa

Dubai is already the third largest re-export center in the world. In addition to the Gulf cooperation council countries, it serves several other markets, including Africa, Iraq and Yemen. The Souk Al Marfa provides a unique opportunity to encourage inward investment and enhance trade with neighboring countries.

Dubai is distinguished by its superiority in the movement of goods and commodities at the global level through its port facilities, and we have also revealed the existence of multiple opportunities for owners of small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from.

In terms of wholesale. Souk Al Marfa will bridge this gap and provide a vital central experience for trading commodities and a new dynamic economic movement. Nakheel Malls’ partnership with DP World will reinforce our long-term commitment to driving Dubai’s retail sector forward.

The launch of Souk Al Marfa also will enhance the capabilities of wholesale trade in Dubai; it affirm the commitment to provide effective solutions to the global supply chain and supply

And to enhance logistics services for the shipping sector in the region, and also it looks forward to benefiting from the recently launched “Now” application, which connects ship owners Wooden shipping with merchants, and allow them to search, negotiate and reserve shipments

And take advantage of the strategic location of port Rashid, Hamriyah port and Deira port , managed by DP World.

It is noteworthy that “Souk Al Marfa” is the second cooperation of its kind between “Nakheel Malls” and “DP World” that which launched in Sep 2020. 

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